All exercise professionals are welcome!

(Body builders, personal trainers, physical therapists, athletic trainers, body workers, Pilates instructors, yoga teachers; strength, cross fit and flexibility coaches, etc.)

Subscribe to the FNS Immersion Series

Series Begins July 15th, 2021!!

Here's what is included in this interactive, practical experience:

  1. Weekly, one-hour webinars with Q & A delivered live on Thursdays at 11am EST.
    This gives us the opportunity to interact in real time as we delve into live applications of science and technology. If you cannot be there live, everything is video recorded and will be available for you on this platform. You can watch the recording anytime and relay your questions and comments at your convenience.

  2. Interactive Course Outline
    The interactive course outline is your guide to explore the topics that are covered. I can appreciate how busy life can be, so the outline is built so that you can explore the topics that interest you at your convenience. Each item is linked to the video of the course that covers that topic. If the topic does not have a link, that means you still have a chance to see it live, as we have not recorded it yet.

  3. Neuro-Logic Exploration and Application
  4. Videos that explore the use of technology (sEMG, Muscle Oxygen saturation, HRV, ect.) and Mindflow* to design assessments and exercises.

  5. 10% discount for personal consultation sessions with Jacques.

  6. 20% discount for in-person workshops.

Currently, this series has 30 weeks of material (30 classes). If you have had your fill at any point, you may end your subscription at any time.

Here is a list of the skills that you will acquire (and there is so much more!)

  • Create client-specific solutions using potent, credible, and measurable neurocentric strategies to increase flexibility, control, and strength.

  • Learn to activate neural networks that will boost your clients' performance, recovery, and satisfaction.

  • Design exercises that reduce stress while appropriately challenging the neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems to stimulate hypertrophy, flexibility, endurance, power, etc.

  • Learn about and strategically use Post-Activation Potentiation (PAP) to enhance acute strength, control, and mobility.

  • Design passive, active, and dynamic stretches that are specific to the tissues around each joint (muscle, nerve, and connective tissue) - in addition to being client-specific.

  • Create intense workouts that minimize the probability of tissue damage.

  • Create intense workouts that maximize the likelihood of tissue damage.

  • Design exercises to help your clients practice the behavior, attitudes, and problem solving strategies that will help them achieve their purpose, while maintaining your role and scope as a personal trainer.

  • Use a neurocentric approach to facilitate changes in muscular recruitment patterns.


Jacques H. Newell Taylor

Jacques has over 25 years of experience and education in the fields of applied neuroscience and exercise science. He is keenly interested in elucidating and exploiting the relationships between physical performance, mental performance, and personal transformation.

Jacques travels the world teaching healthcare and fitness professionals about trenchant concepts in biomechanics, exercise mechanics, neurophysiology, and joint health. He is known for his ability to break down complex concepts into intriguing, digestible, and applicable elements. Force and the Nervous System, a continuing education series he developed which explores the intersection between neuroscience and exercise, is in high demand in the US, UK, and China.

Jacques’s clients thrive using his signature process, Neuro-Logic Training to help them improve and manage physical and mental health. He is sought after by professional athletes and non-athletes alike to rehabilitate to peak performance and/or gain a leading edge. Jacques’s clients include celebrities, professional and amateur athletes, everyday people, and corporations. In conjunction with the guidance of qualified mental health professionals, Neuro-Logic Training has been highly successful in helping people create sustainable solutions for weight management and addiction challenges. Neuro-Logic Training is also the basis for a wellness program that Jacques and a colleague developed for firefighters called Preparation for Chaos (PFC). After implementing PFC, a major fire department in Southern California reported a 33% reduction in workmen’s compensation claims.

Jacques is an avid mountaineer. He enjoys camping, mountain running, orienteering, weight lifting, and the opportunity to be mindful while participating in any activity. He enjoys helping his clients, students, and colleagues develop the skills to do the same.

Jacques is the founder of Myotopia and the Exercise Design Lab, and a founding member of the Muscle System Consortia. He is married to his best friend, Alexandra. They have a daughter, Rose, and a dog, Tasman, and are thrilled to be living on Mount Desert Island, Maine.